Life Coaching 

Are you wondering if it's possible to be successful in the world AND feel fulfilled? You've played by the rules, and by many measures you've done well.  Yet the game is not working quite as well as it used to.
You've encountered new challenges that may require additional support and so here you are reading this page.  Perhaps you're feeling…
  • Overwhelm or confusion
  • Isolation or depression
  • Unclear about what's next in life
  • Uncertain HOW to manifest your dreams
  • Unfulfilled in relationships
  • Sex has lost its magic
  • Challenges of growing up 
There is still a deeper game...and I'd love to be your guide.
I can support you and give you the tools to navigate the life transitions before you.  My goal is not just to help you "solve" your problems, but to find the joy and vitality it takes to truly thrive, allowing you to fall more deeply in love with your life.
While I help people with many different issues and transitions, I particularly enjoy and find myself working with clients who need support with...
  • Transitioning to a more fulfilling career
  • Dealing authentically with significant life-transitions
  • Experiencing greater sexual fulfillment and more meaningful relationships
  • Developing into a more effective leader, mentor, or elder
  • Exploring the spiritual dimensions of life
  • Cultivating creative self-expression 
If any of this resonates with you, please feel free to give me a call for a free consultation (360-379-0411) or email me at